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:Tantrik Pujans & Havans:
An essential aspect of Hindu worship is Puja. It consists of a variety of ritual offerings and prayers to be performed as mentioned in the puja vidhi (worship protocols as stipulated by sacred scriptures). The worship may be done by the person himself or by a learned Acharya on behalf of that person or “Yajman” seeking the blessings of the sacred divine. While some people conduct these pujans at home on an everyday basis, there are others who perform more elaborately at temples with the help of priests or some learned Acharyas and Guru’s. In that case the Acharya or the priest are treated as representations of the divine and are given dakshina offerings, daan etc at the end of the ritual.
Our team at Tantraakriyas are organizing and performing various kinds of Tantra Pujans successfully on behalf of our Clients residing both in India and in foreign countries since a long period. We have a wide range of ritual category and it’s a first of it’s kind. A person may opt for any of our services as per their need & necessity. The choice can be for some exclusive Gupt Yagnas (extremely confidential) or any Specific purpose based Havan Prayogas or can also perform through us sacred Namavali pujans (Pujans with 108 sacred names of each diety) or also can Sponsor a scheduled “Pujan Event” (like Dipanwita Kali Puja, Maha Shivratri etc) as per their requirement.
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Main Lord for Worship :  

Devi Saraswati

Ritual Speciality :

This Prayog is specially meant for gaining success in studies and competitive exams with the grace of Devi Saraswati.

Ritual Benefits :

  • Removes probable Obstacles 
  • Increases Concentration Power.
  • Improves the grasping power of the of the person concerned.
  • It can be added to 'Pragya Vardhan Prayog' rituals to get more added benefits.

Time Duration :

A time span of 41 days is ideal in general cases.

Dakshina : 00.00 INR / 00.00$

Request Form: 

Name, Gothra, Phone number, Email, Full Address with Pin / Zip Codes, Concerned Problem etc.

After Pujan Upachars :

We usually send holy bibhuti, sindhoor, Bilwapatra etc after the puja completes. We do not send any prasadam by post as because in most cases the conditions of the prasadam may not remain fit for consumptions. All charges include delivery charges for sending the after-puja-items by courier / speed post within India only. For outside India shipment charges will be extra as per destination.