Our Vision
Namaskar…Welcome to our World of Occult.

We at Tantraakriyas provide different benefits of the Traditional Tantrik Rituals founded by the ancient SAGES and RISHI’s to the general masses at large through our Genuine Platform. As we have termed it as “Genuine Platform”, we will ensure that most of the sacred rituals can be easily made available under one single roof. Today, people residing in differents parts of the world can opt the advantages of offering Tantrik Pujans and Havans to different Gods and Godesses from the comfort of their home. Cast is not any bar, Being Human is the essential criteria.

Our team at Tantraakriyas are organizing and performing various kinds of Tantra Pujans successfully on behalf of our Clients residing both in India and in foreign countries since long. We have a wide range of rituals category and it’s a first of it’s kind. A person may opt any of our services as per their need & necessity. The wide choice can be for some Gupt Yagnas (kept extremely confidential) or any Specific purpose based Havan Prayogas (like Shatru Badha, Garva Raksha, Vidya Prapti etc) or can also perform through us Sacred Namavali Pujans (Pujans with 108 sacred names of each diety) or also can sponsor a scheduled “Pujan Event” (like Dipanwita Kali Puja, Maha Shivratri etc) as per their choice and requirement.

As per the Shastras a person’s current life is fully governed by their own deeds and actions (either good or bad) commited in previous births which is termed as “Prarabdha”. We being mere humans can’t claim to eliminate a person’s own accumulated “Prarbdha” by performing few rituals and offer 100% guranteed solutions against all human problems and miseries. ‘Prarabdha includes those karma’s which were already committed either good or bad. Good ones produce comfortable situations and opportunities like honour, prestige, money, fame, power etc while the bad one’s offer lots of adversities like financial crisis, ill health, loss of positions, disputes, court cases and so on. Please remember, whatever may be your cast and religion, performing Regular and Systematic Worship (besides being a true and honest person) is a strong antidote to counter your ‘Prarabdha’ impact. Hence, Our Core Focus is always to provide our client with necessary Worship Tools, Armours and Guard lines through Pure Tantrik Rituals by which a person can regain his Lost Confidence, Fight all the Odds and Win his very Own Battle. Thus we do not claim to eliminate a person’s own accumulated ‘Prarbdha’ impact, instead we offer a systematic approach through regular worships and effective rituals thereby diminishing the adversities to a great extent in true sense.